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How to do wine tourism and taste wines like an expert

Maybe you are just starting out in the world of wine and you don't know how to start. Or maybe you will attend an important meeting that includes a wine tasting.

Whether you are in other countries or in your native country. Wine can be a part of the culture of that country; however, the characteristics of wine tasting remain around the world.

According to experts, to get better things for us and change our lives, it is necessary to venture to try new things.

wine tasting

Being somewhere else and doing a new activity can be intimidating; however, the wine tasting is nothing to write home about. So you want to learn some of the best advice from the experts?

Here are some tips to help you be an expert in these situations.

1. Don't be intimidated

The best people who do a wine tasting are those who attend with an open mind. Being a relatively new wine region, most attendees may start to open up with a phrase like, "Well, I don't really know anything about wine." This could be the case no matter in which region you are doing wine tourism. Do not be shy.

Tasting wine is easy. Experience wine with all your senses and decide if you like it or not. Do you like it as much as the previous wine, less or more? Do you think it has a good price for its value? What do you like the most about that wine? Would you serve it with dinner or are you one of those who prefers to enjoy it in the sun?

2. Ask questions

Ask about anything: absolutely, anything. For tasting guides, it's great when people really care. Ask your guide what he recommends and if there is any special wine that has not been very well tasted. If you ask questions like this, it is more likely that you will have the opportunity to taste other types of wines.

wine tasting tours

Remember to try varieties from different wineries or producers, those of the same flavor but in different styles. You'll be surprised at the differences you can find when comparing those wines so closely (and it's more efficient than opening two bottles for dinner on a weekend night).

This is the perfect way to learn a little more about certain types of grapes or wine, and it makes for a truly authentic experience, it's all about looking back at the history of those grapes.

If you have an idea of the type of wine you like, you can be as specific as "I only drink white wine" or as vague as "I only had a red wine that I liked once", mention it as a guide to help you give The best experience. No two wines are the same, but many share the same composition, so this can help you find what you like and expand your tasting horizon.

3. Consider the midweek

If you would like to have a slow and calm wine tasting session, but on a busy weekend morning; It will be the opposite, quickly, since there are many groups waiting for the tasting. Take a day off, especially in the summer.

Schedule an agenda to visit your favorite winery and experience a new wine. Savor it for a moment and give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work. Book a wine tasting tour today at Hunter Valley Tours.

tasting wines

As an added tip, the midweek staff tends to be the most experienced tasters.

4. Show your love

Never walk out the door with a wine you don't love, but if you find a wine that just looks perfect and goes with you, buy a bottle or two to keep at home. Whether as a souvenir, to add to your collection, to impress your friends or to enjoy later in the evening. Why not buy directly from the people who made it?

In short, feel free to try any type of wine for whatever reason, take notes of the questions you ask, take lots of photos, buy a bottle for the house and drink plenty of water between each drink, especially if your tour includes traveling by bicycle. By following these tips, you will be able to feel like an expert in wine tasting and improve your overall experience.


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