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What do I have to do to buy a house for the first time?

  What happens when we have to face the decision to buy a home ? On many occasions we feel lost due to the lack of information or even overwhelmed by the large amount of documents and data that you must collect for this process. Aware of how important it is to be informed, we have compiled the main steps of the purchase process that you should take into account. 1. Know your budget As your starting point, it is necessary to know the maximum amount that can be allocated to the purchase. From Property Buyers by Arnold property we recommend that the amount you allocate for this purchase is not greater than 30-40% of your stable monthly net income. In addition to this calculation, it is important to consider the money saved with which you have available, since financial institutions generally grant you up to 80% of the total value of the property. 2. Choose the payment method After the first phase, knowing what budget you have, it is time to decide how you pay for the new prop

Know the types of waterproofing and the duration of each one

  Taking care of a home is of the utmost importance, water can be one of the most corrosive agents for a roof. That is why you should know the types of waterproofing and the duration of each one. As experts, in Complete shower seal we want to offer you solutions for your home or flat. What is a waterproofing A waterproofing is nothing more than a substance of chemical compounds that is responsible for stopping the passage of water. Among other functions, it has to extend the life of a construction. For any home, the application and use of waterproofing is essential, since water over time can cause damage to the construction. Waterproofing a roof also protects against natural deterioration by time, the sun and the air. Over the years, different types of waterproofing have emerged, some more flexible and durable, others called smart. Here we will explain more in depth about it. The types of waterproofing and the duration of each There are different types of waterproofing, although each

10 tips to know if it's time to move

  As we've discussed in the past, moving is not anyone's favorite activity. Apart from the physical effort required to put a whole house in boxes and send them to a new place (sometimes without help, other times with), there are other factors to consider, such as the change of name in the services, the cancellation of debts and payments, the transfer of pets, leaving the house in good condition for the people who will enter, the emotional turmoil that involves leaving a home, among many other issues. Many people resist this change for all its implications, and put it off indefinitely or become convinced that it is not for the best. Eventually you will end up accepting it, and it is better sooner than later, especially if the need is pressing. Because the reality is that, when it is time to move, there is nothing to give it: you have to.   How do we realize, then, that it is time to leave the old home? Here are a series of clear indicators to help us understand that it is