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How to choose the right Bike?

You want to enter the world of cycling, but you did not know what kind of bicycle would be the most effective for you?

Don't worry, even if the number of options overwhelmed you, here at Stead Cycles Bike Shop, we are here to help you choose the right bike for you. If you have any questions about this guide, do not hesitate to contact us.

choosing your ideal bike

To begin, follow this expert steps to get you closer to your ideal bike:

Step 1 - Be sure what you want on a bicycle for.

Each Bike was designed with a particular cycling style in mind, so the very first thing you must do to decide on what style of bike you want is to know how you are going to use it.

Do you want to ride the bike on the road with a group of people? Recreational or professional? Maybe you would like it simply as a method of transport in your day to day? Do you want to travel the path and explore the nature reserve? If the problem is more for health or exercise issues, would you wish to use it at a neighborhood park or bike track? And of course, there are those who want a bicycle to ride with the children. Having these clear questions will assist you choose the kind of bike and components that might best suit what you want.

Step 2 - Where to buy it.

With your discipline defined, you'll have more or less options to induce your next bike. Some of the specialized modalities can have more limited sales options.

If you just want bike for ordinary cycling, a local bike shop will surely be your best alternative. You should also consider the online vendors, many specialize bikes of top qualities, but you need to know what you are looking for to make sure you get a bike that is the right dimensions and includes the suitable components.

bike shop in Beresfield

If your budget is tighter, don't worry, there are good opportunities everywhere to find cheap bikes, you will surely find a bargain in a sports store, or buying it second is also an excellent alternative.

Step 3 - Set your Budget

Defining on your budget is a fundamental step in choosing your ideal bicycle, as you can easily get carried away by whim. And sometimes, you do not need to be luxurious if you are just starting out.

The specialized bicycles for mountain biking or route usually start around $ 4k AUD although believe us, they can cost much more. The cheapest options can be obtained depends on which bike you want, but keep in mind that the cheap can be expensive in spare parts and maintenance.

Don't forget to include the spare parts, accessories, and all other extra parts that you need with your budget! A new bike rides better once you fit it.

Step 4 - Custom Made

Finding the correct size for your bike is a completely necessary step to make your experience comfortable and confident, never give yourself the luxury of guessing, there are many types of bikes, and five or more sizes per type, know your exact dimensions, no you will regret.

bike store in Beresfield

If you get a bike that is the wrong size, no matter how good, you will feel uncomfortable and unsafe riding it, and with good reason, knowing the number of factors that affect a bike's fit, like height, seat elevation, distance the handlebar, flexibility, among others; choosing a bike that fits your preferred a glove takes experience.

If you get your bike in a local bike shop, they will mostly guide and help you with this, as soon as you choose the right size, make sure it fits you perfectly, being a retailer pays. The correction that most commonly needs attention is the height of the seat, although also look at the height of the handlebars and the distance between the two.

Step 5 - Parts and Accessories

As soon as you have seen the perfect bike, it's time to find out what you want with it in terms of parts and accessories.

Often, a bicycle is sold only with the parts absolutely necessary to assemble it, but that doesn't mean that with that you've got everything you wish to get the best out of it, from the time you unpack it onwards, it is up to you to decide what you want to add to your bike.

Some common accessories include size holders, lights, an inflator, cycle computer, and even a specialized saddle or pedals. In Australia, you should also include a helmet, and you lose nothing by getting yourself some gloves and cycling shorts, so the experience will be more comfortable and safe.

You may also like to visit our helpful info page to read some of our articles regarding bike safety tips.

We hope that this information is useful to you in having a general knowledge of the types of bicycles and cycling that exist. We always recommend you go in person to your local cycling store and talk with the professionals to have a personalized experience, it always helps a lot to be filled with the knowledge of those who know, and they will surely point you in the right direction to Buy or Sell your bike.


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