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One of the great differences between a motorcycle and a car is that on the motorcycle the driver is much more exposed, as they are not inside a metal box that can absorb the shock or much of it. This is one of the characteristics that makes motorcycles more dangerous, as accidents can be fatal more often or suffer more serious injuries than other drivers.

avoid motorcycle accidents

Therefore, knowledge is essential to prevent, as far as possible, accidents. Here are some ideas which will be useful to you:


Regardless of the vehicle we are talking about, its maintenance is a fundamental part to avoid accidents.

We at Singleton Bike Shop recommends that before starting a motorcycle tour, a small visual check should be made to it, paying special attention to the condition of the tires to check the air and its running, since they are the ones that will maintain adherence with the highway.

On the other hand, surely you already have a trustworthy workshop, so keep regular reviews with the professionals you have chosen so that you can drive with the safest motorcycle.

A good maintenance of the motorcycle can also be considered as a safe driving technique. You make sure your bike is 100% ready to hit the road. Get in touch with Singleton Bike Shop today!


In life there are many things you can save on but when it comes to equipment, the answer is no. The equipment you use will be your protections in the event of an accident, so it is essential that you choose the best on the market and that, although it may be extra work to put on and take off, do not give it up, do not make excuses.

motorcycle safety equipment

You cannot miss a good homologated helmet, a jacket, pants, gloves and boots. Today there are so many brands on the market that you can find comfortable equipment for each season of the year, lighter models but without compromising security, as well as more aesthetically attractive.

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One of the reasons motorcycle accidents occur is that speed limits are exceeded. This does not mean that it is the only cause, far from it, but excessive speed on a motorcycle can lead to great damage to the person.

Going at an inadequate speed on a road can be a problem when it comes to anticipating the braking of other vehicles on the road, it is more difficult to be able to respond safely to an unforeseen event (dirty or wet asphalt, accident, crossing, etc.) that may emerge and that reacting in time - safely - is unlikely.


Along with these details we also have to take into account overtaking, regardless of whether you do it at the right speed or revolutionize the bike. In big cities, with the traffic jams that occur daily, many motorcycles go through the holes of the vehicles, crossing and overtaking, even at short speeds, as if they were overcoming obstacles. Sometimes there is so much traffic that both drivers - motorcycle and car - do not constantly check who is seeing them or not.

motorcycle maintenance

On the other hand, it is recommended that you include something reflective in your kit to improve visibility.

In the event of an accident, it is important that you know what you have to do to avoid problems, as well as know what your rights are, if there has been negligence on the part of another driver, until when you can claim compensation for an accident and what you could get with it.


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