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Can we leave furniture on site when we move?

The removal of boxes and furniture depends on your moving contract

You choose upstream, when you request a quote from professional movers, the type of service you want

Eco formula: RBR Moving accompanies you throughout your move, by protecting your furniture under covers, your mattresses and box springs under covers and by replacing your objects according to the desired arrangement.

Standard Formula: RBR Moving accompanies you throughout your move, with the protection of your furniture, your mattresses and box springs, and the repositioning of your objects according to your instructions. The movers will also take care of dismantling and reassembling your furniture as well as the packing and unpacking of your fragile items.

Comfort package: This package is the most complete: RBR Moving movers come to pack all your items, including non-fragile items. They will also take care of dismantling and reassembling your furniture, and protecting mattresses, box springs and furniture. In short, you take care of nothing and RBR Moving of everything!

Can we leave furniture for the next inhabitants?

Again, this is a point that you must address before D-Day with the future occupants of the property. If they are interested in your furniture movers, do not hesitate to leave them or resell them taking into account the current value of the furniture (the value of an object decreases every year depending on the use of the object).

Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact your town hall to find out the discharge points for your bulky items or their collection service.

Do not hesitate to store your furniture in a storage unit

If you are in transition between two homes or two workplaces, do not hesitate to store your furniture in a box while you find your final place. The prices may depend on the storage volume and the storage location, but it is a practical and simple solution.

From simple furniture removal to complete furniture removals as well as vehicle rental with driver, we also provide you with an optional team of cleaning professionals. We are specialists in moving pianos, works of art and heavy furniture in Paris and the Paris region as well as throughout France. Our team of professional movers will meet all your requirements, we provide you with our vehicles as well as our freight elevator in Paris, the Ile de France as well as throughout France. We offer you a secure furniture storage service, conditioned in wooden furniture storage boxes of 8 to 12m3, without time or volume limits. Do not hesitate to request a free estimate to which we will respond as soon as possible. 

Moving of valuable works of art and furniture

With its hundred years of experience, RBR Moving offers a real service in terms of moving in the rules of the art. A technical visit by a professional of the house is carried out before any intervention. The goal is to organize the technical means, the appropriate equipment and the appropriate number of movers to move all of your goods with confidence.

The transport of delicate and valuable objects (paintings, chandeliers, sculptures, antique furniture, transport of pianos, works of art) is provided by our teams of professional movers. RBR Moving is at your disposal to solve your moving problems. A furniture storage service is available for a short or longer term.


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