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Benefits of therapeutic exercise | Physiotherapy


Therapeutic exercise refers to a spread of physical activities that help restore and develop physical strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and stability.

What is the goal of therapeutic exercise?

The goal of therapeutic exercise is to return an injured person to a totally functional, painless state. Therapeutic exercise is administered by a physical therapist or a chiropractor, with the goal of regaining range of motion, rebuilding muscle strength, and building endurance.

therapeutic exercise

A therapist or chiropractor begins the exercise by taking a medical history and evaluating the physical condition and capabilities of the patient.

Based on an initial evaluation, the care provider will determine a treatment plan that includes an exercise program tailored to the patient's needs.

In Transcend Health gyms in Newcastle, therapeutic exercise programs are carefully monitored. Our specialists help the patient with some physical movements and will continually modify the treatment plan according to the progress of the patient.

In the gyms in Newcastle of Transcend Health the therapeutic exercise programs include:

  • Strengthening exercises: To build strength, the emphasis is on heavy resistance and a limited number of repetitions.
  • Resistance exercises: To build endurance, large muscle groups are engaged for a longer period of time.
  • Flexibility exercises: to develop flexibility, stretching and movement are emphasized
  • Balance and coordination exercises: To develop balance and coordination, the stress is on the middle of gravity.
  • Functional Movement Assessment: The Selective Functional Movement Assessment is a movement-based diagnostic system that evaluates seven movement patterns.

This system quickly identifies the root cause of musculoskeletal pain symptoms, allowing specialists to select therapeutic exercises that will address the underlying problem.

What are the benefits of therapeutic exercises?

Therapeutic exercises are intended to provide various benefits to athletes, people who have recently had surgery, people who have had an accident that restricts movement, and anyone who has problems with musculoskeletal functions.

Recovering from the effects of a stroke: One of the common consequences of a stroke is reduced movement in the extremities. These types of exercises can help you regain strength and improve flexibility in the affected parts.

exercise physiology

Sports-related injury recovery: Injuries sustained during sports and other heavy physical activities can be treated with a physical therapist.

Pain reduction or elimination: Therapeutic exercises can also be used to help treat sore joints and sore muscles. Manual therapy techniques, such as soft tissue and joint mobilization, can help relieve stiffness and pain and prevent pain from returning.

Management of lung and heart disease: Therapeutic exercise can also help people with heart and lung problems. By focusing on conditioning, strengthening, and breathing, these exercises help improve the quality of life for people with lung or heart disease.

Defective posture: induce relaxation and improve general levels of poise in the body.

Therapeutic exercise techniques

Within the therapeutic exercise are techniques such as:

  • Free active mobility exercises
  • Specific exercise
  • Myotendinous stretches
  • Therapeutic Pilates
  • Motor control techniques
  • Hypopressive exercises
  • Proprioceptive exercises
  • Breathing exercises
  • Circulatory
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Functional exercises
  • Postural control exercises

It is very important to empower the patient in his rehabilitation process through active exercise, since it will bring many benefits in his recovery. In addition, in this way, we ensure that the care process continues beyond the session that the patient performs in our center, enriching the treatment and integrating it into their daily life.

Therefore, it is vital to include exercise in our routine. Finding the best moment and knowing that it will bring us numerous benefits, always respecting the guideline set by the professional to achieve a good result.

A regular physical activity program should be part of our lifestyle. Although the effects are not immediate, perseverance will be a key element to achieve an optimal result and prevent relapses.

Ultimately, therapeutic exercise will help us improve our quality of life.

At the Transcend Health gyms in Newcastle we have at your disposal a great team of professionals willing to help you improve and maintain good health and quality of life.


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