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Know the types of waterproofing and the duration of each one


Taking care of a home is of the utmost importance, water can be one of the most corrosive agents for a roof. That is why you should know the types of waterproofing and the duration of each one. As experts, in Complete shower seal we want to offer you solutions for your home or flat.


What is a waterproofing

A waterproofing is nothing more than a substance of chemical compounds that is responsible for stopping the passage of water. Among other functions, it has to extend the life of a construction.

For any home, the application and use of waterproofing is essential, since water over time can cause damage to the construction. Waterproofing a roof also protects against natural deterioration by time, the sun and the air.

Over the years, different types of waterproofing have emerged, some more flexible and durable, others called smart. Here we will explain more in depth about it.

The types of waterproofing and the duration of each

There are different types of waterproofing, although each of them fulfills the same function, their durability and resistance are different. Therefore, to choose, you have to take into account the climate to which it will be exposed and the type of construction.

Here we tell you about the most recommended for its high quality and duration.

Waterproof acryton

This is a roof waterproofing product recommended for horizontal and sloped roofs. The waterproof acrylon is usually placed on concrete, asbestos or galvanized sheet surfaces.

Its application is simple and since it does not need other products, it is quite economical. It can easily resist cold and heat and does not need any type of protective paint, as it does not contain asbestos or asphalt it is quite elastic. This waterproofing can last up to 10 years.

Asphalt fabrics

These are derived from oil, so they are quite flexible to climatic changes. As they have excellent adhesion, they are ideal for surfaces that are outdoors. Its durability is about 10 years.

They have the advantage of not requiring very constant maintenance unlike others and are much more resistant to UV rays. You can find ecological versions in this type of raincoat.


They are made from resins and some micro components of ceramics. They adhere very well to cement surfaces or galvanized sheets. It has excellent elasticity, so you do not have to worry about it cracking or having some kind of fissure.

Acrylic raincoats can last from 3 to 10 years, so it is important to constantly maintain them if you want to optimize their durability. You just need to have some basic care for the roof of the house.


These are specific for concrete surfaces and masonry. This way you can protect your home against the deterioration that can be caused by water or some other agents that are present in the atmosphere.

It has excellent adhesion on concrete since it is designed for this type of surfaces. It is also a good option for those areas that are constantly subjected to water, such as swimming pools for example.

How long does a waterproofing last? Well, it is in particular it has an initial durability of 3 years. Of course, this can serve longer if it is given proper maintenance and if a reinforced system is applied.

Fiber cement

These were designed around 1900. They have compounds that are derived from cement but have an added fiber which makes them stronger.

Currently, the reinforcing fibers used are mostly glass, which gives this type of waterproofing a life of more than 50 years. This is capable of resisting aggressive climatic changes.

It is a good option if you do not want to do constant maintenance, and it does not need layers of protective paint.

Ecological waterproofing

These are friendly to the environment. The ecological waterproofing is made from recycled tires. They have a great elasticity that favors support to the movements of a structure, be it contraction or expansion, which is completely normal.

They have great resistance to changes in climate, so it can be applied on surfaces that are exposed to the sun, rain, even in saline environments. It does not contain any type of lead-based element, solvents or materials that are classified as toxic.

Ecological waterproofers can have a durability of up to 10 years.

Tips for waterproofing a roof

Before carrying out a waterproofing it is important to follow some tips that facilitate its application.

  • You should never apply it on a wet surface.
  • Make sure to clean the surface of false adhesion's or any previous coating.
  • If you are going to apply it on a sheet you must verify that it does not have oxidation principles.
  • Check how the roof waterproofing you selected is used, since there are some that must be mixed with other products while there are others that do not.
  • Take into account the climate to which the waterproofing will be exposed when selecting it.
  • If the surface to be waterproofed will have a pedestrian crossing, it is best to use a reinforced system.

Now, to know how to waterproof a roof and do it well, aspects such as the type of surface, the materials that are needed, the climate to which it will be exposed and have an expert on the subject to avoid errors and with time damages your home.

How long does the waterproofing take to dry?

This depends a lot on the type of waterproofing, since there are some that are quick drying, about 3 hours, while with others they can take up to a whole day. In addition, the climate must be taken into account.

The types of waterproofing and the duration of each one are different. Although these can resist a little more as long as they are given proper maintenance. Having a professional is the ideal way to ensure that your home is 100% protected. You can contact us if you are looking for experts in the area.


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