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10 tips to know if it's time to move


As we've discussed in the past, moving is not anyone's favorite activity. Apart from the physical effort required to put a whole house in boxes and send them to a new place (sometimes without help, other times with), there are other factors to consider, such as the change of name in the services, the cancellation of debts and payments, the transfer of pets, leaving the house in good condition for the people who will enter, the emotional turmoil that involves leaving a home, among many other issues.

Many people resist this change for all its implications, and put it off indefinitely or become convinced that it is not for the best. Eventually you will end up accepting it, and it is better sooner than later, especially if the need is pressing. Because the reality is that, when it is time to move, there is nothing to give it: you have to. 

How do we realize, then, that it is time to leave the old home? Here are a series of clear indicators to help us understand that it is time to change houses.

moving company

Factor number 1: money

The key when making a decision of such magnitude. It seems obvious but many people may not remember that, when deciding to move, they must take into account much more than the moving company they will have to hire. Properly examine savings, income, catch up with the payment of taxes, services, make the corresponding transfers, etc. All things that no one should overlook.

For example, it may be possible that, financially, you can afford to look for a better home now, but would it be a good idea if you are going to want to move again later? Will you have a good return on investment? Now is the time to review your finances and analyze whether you should stay where you are to save or explore other financing options to make the change you want. Get advice, research and make an informed decision.

You need more storage space

This is one of the main needs that push people moving to a new house. If you really find yourself tight and a pin no longer fits in your closets or cupboards (and the financial situation is with you), it is a more than valid reason to choose to move. If environments with deep and wide closets will help you better organize your belongings and live in a cleaner and more orderly way, do not hesitate. Take another step on the path to your happiness and move in.

The neighborhood is in decline

Perhaps when you moved into your neighborhood, it was a trendy neighborhood or had ideal conditions for that time in your life. However, over time you noticed that shops were closing, restaurants were moving their branches, and coming back late at night no longer gives you much security. Perhaps you think about having children soon and you will not be crazy about the idea of raising them in such a neighborhood, because good schools are far away, there are few children in the area or you will be restless if they walk alone on the street. The neighborhood is a powerful reason when planning a move; you must always keep it in mind, according to the circumstances of your life.

The family is enlarged

This happens and is the most normal thing in the world. A child who is born, a mother who moves into your house indefinitely, another fourth pet that you have not been able to resist adopting. Looking for a bigger house is the next logical step, not only for space and storage reasons, but because suddenly the areas of schools, hospitals and green areas become a priority for you. Great reason to move to a new home.

The family shrinks

The opposite situation will also come: your children grew up and leave the nest, you have been divorced or the time has come to leave your parents' house. Maybe you don't need such a big house, but something smaller, easier and more practical to clean, well located and well connected to public transport alternatives. It is important to know when it is time to shrink.

It is no longer the house of your dreams

When you moved into your current home, you had certain expectations, certain schedules, a certain lifestyle. Now you may need to be closer to the center, or to the train station in case any of your children have moved to another city, or you have simply tired of traveling so long to get to the office. Your life has changed and continues to change. Maybe it's time to go a step further and find a place that meets your current needs.

It will be cheaper for you to change your house than to make the necessary reform in the current one

It is hard to admit that the time has come to throw in the towel when it comes to repairs, especially if you have lived in a place for many years and the emotional value that your family has given it is very high. However, you should think cold and consider whether it is really worth it to continue investing money, time and stress instead of dedicating yourself to looking for a new place that probably has a tenth or none of the problems of your current home.

The area is not any longer attractive to future buyers

Each area and each neighborhood has its moment of popularity. However, the popularity may fade and the demand declines. If this went on to your area, it's best to sell now, before the value drops below what you're curious about. This variable must also be taken into account when choosing a new area (pay attention to details such as: they opened a new subway station, there are plans to open a new shopping street, etc. Think about the value it has today and in what will be worth tomorrow).

Your relationship is going smoothly

Until now it was only necessary to think about you and your individual needs. However, your relationship has progressed, things are getting serious and you want to live together and think about starting a family. Bearing the current expenses of a moderately comfortable home is much easier for two, and surely they can live more relaxed. If, in addition, you plan to have a child, it may be the best time to find a suitable place for a small family.

You need to start from scratch

Sometimes life gives us a good deck of cards, but sometimes not. The good news is that we can always (or almost always, if we are lucky) change our destiny, correct our course, and start from scratch. If you feel that you have to part with everything and your finances allow it, do not hesitate. You only live once and life is too short not to fully experience it. If you dream of moving to the country, the beach or another city, do it, the time is now.


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