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A good alternative to diamond rings?

In recent years, has become increasingly popular in the jewelry world. Consumers are looking for a more ethical and eco-responsible alternative to diamonds and therefore often turn to this stone created in the laboratory. It can also be found in a natural form, but it is extremely rare! We will therefore speak here only of the synthetic version of this stone which is composed of silicon carbide.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, a little interesting fact ... It was in 1904 that a French chemist discovered for the first time a piece of in its natural state. This man was called Henry Moissan. It is therefore in his honor that this rarity of nature was named !

In this article, we will look at 4 important points in order to enlighten you as to whether  is the right choice for you!


Is solid! All semi-precious stones have a hardness rating system on a Mohs scale, which ranges from 1 to 10.  ranks almost at the top of this rating with a 9.5, which makes a stone virtually indestructible. Only the diamond rings with the highest hardness of 10.

Sometimes confused by the uninitiated with what is commonly referred to as a cubic or CZ (zirconium oxide),  will hold up perfectly over time compared to this other synthetic stone.

Are you unsure of the type of stone on your rings? Note that it is possible for a jeweler to differentiate these stones with the naked eye or from a small machine that certifies that the stone is a cubic, a  or a diamond. Do not hesitate to if you have any doubts about the nature of one of your stones!

2- SHINE 💍

Believe it or not, is brighter than diamond! Indeed, is composed of silicon carbide which has a refractive index of light higher than that of diamond. This refractive index is the main responsible for the shine of the stone as it is responsible for the ability to scatter light in the stone. In terms of shine, is therefore a perfect diamond substitute!

3- PRICE 💰

If until now is a stone that interests you, wait until you are convinced by the low price of it! Indeed, for a stone of more than 25 points you will pay the about 20% of the price of the diamond. If you do the math, for a 1 carat stone, you will save over $ 2000!  So, do you find that is a better fit for your wallet?


The largest manufacturer and sole patent holder for the creation of is Charles & Colvard. All their stones are created in a laboratory, in the United States, in a dignified environment where human rights and the environment are given priority. It is true that the creation of any stone in the laboratory has its share of energy consumption and carbon footprint, but we are still far from the equivalent in mining! 

On the ethical side, is therefore the choice par excellence if you want to be 100% certain of the origin and the manufacturing process of your stone. Finally, whether it is for your engagement ring, a wedding ring or any other jewel that you would like to give or treat yourself to, it will now be easier for you to know if the is a stone which suits your tastes, to your values ​​and your wallet!


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