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The Motorbike Spares Scooter And Motorcycle Boom

The electric motorbike spares are here to stay and ski have a wide range of them. Children's scooters and adult scooters, with different powers and sizes. And it is no longer strange to see people on the street riding scooters.

To begin we must clarify that the term "electric scooter" is being used to speak of a large number of products. Although they do not necessarily have the appearance of a scooter .

Although for convenience, terminology has been accepted for a wide range of these vehicles. We are talking about hover boards, gasoline skates, scooter and scooter mix, the big brother scooter ... and a great catalog of vehicles.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Types of electric motorbike spares

These skates can have many uses, as many as we want to give them. From a children's leisure and entertainment vehicle to an alternative, clean and sustainable form of urban transport.

It is essential to take into account a number of factors before purchasing an electric scooter. Depending on these factors, we will be more interested in one model or another.

Among them we can highlight the weight, the distance you plan to travel and the speed you want to go. There are also other secondary factors such as the age and size of the user.


These scooters are designed, for the most part, so that we move comfortably around the city, so it is preferable that the device is not very heavy or that it is easily fordable and / or transportable.


The autonomy of an electric skate will depend on many factors, such as the wingspan of the pilot, the terrain in which it is driven, etc. skate shave batteries ranging from 24V to 60V. Which translates into an autonomy of up to 50 minutes in some models.


For a child a speed of 16 km / h may be fine, but an adult may require a little more excitement. Up to 25 km / h is considered an ideal speed without compromising our safety and protection.

Once these concepts motorbike spares are clear, it will help us decide between the different brands and models. Although certainly the best hover board for you is going to depend on your personal tastes, since they all fulfill their objective: an effective alternative when it comes to getting around and a vehicle for fun and leisure.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Motorbike spares RACING electric scooters

At Motorcycles we have a wide catalog of scooters. Of different powers and sizes and for all ages. Ideal to enjoy your trips in the city in a different way. Among them we want to highlight:

Hoverboard 500W (big brother scooter)

This electric unicycle motorbike spares has two 250W Brush less motors big brother scooter search. It has a 36V lithium battery and has LED lights and Bluetooth.

Motorcycle Slim 300W Scooter

The lightest model on the market with only 18 kg. 300W brush less brush-less motor and 36V-10.4Ah lithium battery. ROAN Slim scooters The Slim adapts to all users since it has a height adjustable handlebar and seat.

Skate 1000W Cross

With this electric scooter motorbike spares you can ride on 1000W scooters any terrain thanks to its 10 inch cross wheels. It has a 1000W motor and 3 12V / 12Ah (36V) gel batteries. Among many other extras, the 1000W scooter comes with LED lights and reflector reflectors.

Visit our section for electric scooters and let yourself be surprised by the quantity and variety of our catalog. And if you liked this article, do not hesitate to subscribe to the blog.


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