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Frequently Asked Questions About Physiotherapist

Many times we ask ourselves ... What is physiotherapy? What does a physiotherapist do? How can you help me? ... To all these questions and many more, you can find the answers here. Physiotherapist

1.What is Physiotherapist?

He is a professional who can help you promote, prevent, cure and restore your health by applying the methods and techniques of Physiotherapy.

During his university training as a Diploma in Physiotherapy he obtains a deep knowledge of how the body works, its movements and functions, and learns to promote the good health of its patients by stimulating their independence.

A worker with back damage ... an elderly man with arthritis ... a disabled child ... an Olympic athlete ... a pregnant woman ... a stressed executive ... can benefit from the intervention of a physiotherapist newcastle.

The physiotherapist newcastle will plan, establish and apply the most appropriate exercises to recover your mobility, independence and fitness. It will help you manage the affected member when performing daily activities such as dressing, bathing or walking. It will teach you how to avoid getting injured while doing your job or when playing a sport. It will give you the instructions to follow at home to continue your recovery process.

To develop their care work, the physiotherapist newcastle uses: physiotherapy (therapy through body movement), joint manipulations (osteopathy, chiropractic) , masotherapy (massage treatment), electrotherapy (treatment based on the effects of electricity), ultrasonically (treatment with ultrasound), light radiation (infrared, ultraviolet and laser), thermo and cryotherapy (application of cold and heat), hydrotherapy (baths, jets, swimming pools, spas), etc.

To develop its work, the physiotherapist newcastle can be integrated into a multidisciplinary team formed by: doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, orthopedists, speech therapists, podiatrists, teachers, pedagogues, psychologists ...

2.What is physiotherapy?

According to the WHO, Physiotherapy is: The art and science of treatment through therapeutic exercise, heat, cold, light, water, massage and electricity. In addition, Physiotherapy includes the execution of electrical and manual tests to determine the value of the involvement of the innervation and muscular strength, tests to determine the functional capacities, the amplitude of the joint movement, and measures of the vital capacity, as well as diagnostic aids for the control of evolution.

According to the World Confederation for Physiotherapy (WCPT), Physiotherapy is: Art and Science of physical treatment, that is, the set of techniques that, through the application of physical agents, cure, prevent, recover and re-adapt patients susceptible to physical treatment.

The different definitions of physiotherapy always refer to physical agents as therapeutic instruments. These agents will be: heat, cold, movement (including, of course, massage), rest, water, electricity.

However, the physiotherapist's quintessential instruments are his hands and the scientific method applied both in the work of assessment, as in the choice and execution of the most appropriate technique, and in the progressive evaluations that will determine the evolution and success of the treatment .

3.How can a physiotherapist help you?

The physiotherapist newcastle will help you reach your highest level of functional recovery by applying an assistance plan based on your specific needs.

Physiotherapist newcastle act in almost all aspects of health care:

Geriatrics: Physiotherapist newcastle work with other health professionals addressing the complex aspects of geriatrics, both in clinics and at the patient's home. They treat disability problems or handicaps generated by: Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, arthritis, fractures, osteoporosis, cardio respiratory problems, etc. In this growing area, they promote movement and independence through strength and endurance exercises, relaxation techniques, pain management, equipment adaptation requirements and mobility aids, cardio respiratory care.

Neurology: As a result of damage to the nervous system, movement problems, sensitivity, communication disorders or attention disorders may occur ... Patients affected by Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson's, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, AIDS, Stroke, Paraplegia, Sciatica, etc., can obtain from the physiotherapist newcastle, who will often collaborate with occupational therapists, speech therapists and neurologists, a treatment focused on the specific reeducation of the movement.

Traumatology and orthopedics: Bones, muscles and joints can be affected by a fracture, a wound, a postural dysfunction, a burn ... The physiotherapist newcastle helps reduce pain, repair tissue lesions, relax and strengthen the muscles, correct and re-educate the posture.

Pediatrics: The physiotherapist newcastle tries to ensure that children who have suffered damage or illness, who were born with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis or psycho motor retardation, etc., reach their maximum bio-psycho-social development. They also teach school children how to prevent back injuries. Physiotherapist newcastle work together with families, teachers, occupational therapists and speech therapists, doctors, nurses and social workers, to achieve the highest level of child health.

Sport: The early intervention of the physiotherapist newcastle contributes to a rapid recovery of the athlete. Stretching techniques, muscle enhancement, re-education of preconception, sports massage, functional bandages, etc., are used by physiotherapist newcastle to get the athlete back to sports without risk of relapse.

Ergonomics: The physiotherapist newcastle can help you adapt your workplace or home to your individual needs. This will prevent carpal tunnel or vertebral algal lesions, for example.

Others:Physiotherapy is also demonstrating its usefulness in other fields, such as the re-education of vision disorders, urinary incontinence disorders and the rehabilitation of injured animals.

4.Where to find a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapist newcastle develop their activity in: Special Education and Integration Colleges, Gyms, sports centers and clubs, Health centers, Hospitals and Outpatients, Nursing Homes, Physiotherapy Cabinets, Mutual and private insurance companies, Associations and self-help groups, Municipal Day Centers, Teaching centers (professional training of the health branches and University Schools of Physiotherapy), NGOs, Spas, Cardiac recovery centers.

If you need the services of a physiotherapist newcastle you can go to our Professional College where we will give you the information you need.

You can also find physiotherapist newcastle by consulting the Yellow Pages. For the exercise of Physiotherapy in the Community of Madrid the physiotherapist newcastle must be registered. Make sure that the professional who is going to provide your services is really a physiotherapist newcastle, begging you to show you the Collegiate Card or present a Certificate of Membership issued by the Professional Association of physiotherapist newcastle of the Community of Madrid.

5.Where to study Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapist newcastle are university professionals. The University Diploma in Physiotherapy is obtained after three academic courses in one of the University Schools of Physiotherapy in our country. In the Community of Newcastle there are 9 University Schools. Depending on whether it is a private school or not, the access requirements will vary. In the public University Schools, the required Selectivity mark is close to 8.


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