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Frequently asked questions about building inspections

building inspections

1. Is it mandatory to have a building inspection?

It is not mandatory to have a building inspection but strongly recommended. When you have a building inspection done, you make sure of the current state of the building and avoid unpleasant surprises. You also benefit from the experience of an inspector who will give you tips on the maintenance of your future property. In addition, you have a legal document that shows the condition of the building at the time of your purchase. This document could be useful in case of dispute.

2. How much does a building inspection cost?

The price of a building inspection varies according to the type of building, the year of construction, its location and several other factors. It is also important to let us know if the property is sold with or without legal warranty and if it includes housing. We have rates per hour for condos and special rates for the multi-unit. For all these reasons it is difficult for us to give you a general price.

3. How long does it take to inspect a property?

The time varies according to the age, size and condition of the property. In general it takes about 2h30 for a building inspection.

4. Can I be present during the building inspection? And the seller owner?

It is important that you are present during the building inspection. Our building inspector will take the time to go around the property, give you a multitude of maintenance tips and Our inspector will share his observations of the current state of the property. It would be important for the selling owner to also be present to answer questions of which only Our building inspector knows the answers.

5. Should a new house or condo be inspected?

Yes, it is better to do a pre-delivery building inspection because it often happens that errors or omissions are made during construction. Also, our building inspectors will be able to give you wise maintenance tips to preserve the beauty of your new construction. These will help conserve and even increase its value over time.

6. Does the building inspector move furniture or objects?

No, it does not move personal items, furniture, plants, snow, or debris that impede access or impair visibility. This can however be done, under certain conditions, if the selling owner is present and agree.

7. Can I reduce the price of my initial purchase offer due to an unsatisfactory building inspection?

It all depends on what you learn during the building inspection. If you notice problems or surprises that were not disclosed during the original purchase promise or the seller's statement, you may then make a change to the purchase price or even withdraw from the transaction.


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