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Garage Door

1. Can I divert the electronic code from my garage door and open it with another device?

Thanks to the Rolling Code technology present in all remotes supplied by garagedoors4u, your garage doors and SMF gates are tamper-proof.

Indeed, the principle of Rolling Code is simple: each time the transmitter is used, a different code is sent. The transmitter and receiver have the same algorithm, which ensures compatibility between the two, and the impossibility to open the garage door with a foreign device.

Rolling Code is a technology developed by BFT, a supplier of garage door operators and garagedoors4u gates.

2. Can my door close on my car?

It's impossible. For security reasons, your garagedoors4u garage door is equipped with detectors that immediately detect any resistance to closing.

In this case, the movement of the garage door reverses automatically. Depending on your motorization model, you can adjust the resistance sensitivity of your automatic garage door.It is possible to further improve security by setting up a photocell.

3. In case of power failure, how to open my garage door?

From the inside, it is possible to open your garage door by means of manual unlocking.This option is of course not possible from the outside for security reasons, unless you have a door with external unlocking (optional, using a key).If your garagedoors4u automatic garage door has this option, then you just have to insert a key provided when installing in a lock adjacent to your garage door, in order to open it.

4. In case of loss of my beep, how to open my garage door?

You should normally be in possession of several beeps or garage door remotes.

Nevertheless, it is possible to open your garagedoors4u closing product by manual unlocking, using a key provided when installing your garage door or garagedoors4u portal, or by using an interior push button.In case of loss or theft of your garage door remote control, we advise you to make an appointment immediately to deprogram your transmitter.

5.How long does it take to troubleshoot?

garagedoors4u will help you as quickly as possible depending on the urgency of the situation. In most cases SMF troubleshoots in less than 48 hours.If you are a professional, you can subscribe to a contract for the maintenance and upkeep of your SMF closure products: there is a 24-hour solution that will allow you to be repaired in exceptional times.

6.How should I service my garage door? Can this rust?

"garagedoors4u closing products are designed to require minimal maintenance. Nevertheless, the movement of the door necessarily implies a certain wear: the lubrication of the motor parts is therefore recommended regularly.To avoid corrosion, the panels of your garage door are made from two galvanized steel plates, with a polyurethane foam injected between the two.Galvanizing is a process of covering the steel with a thin layer of zinc (stainless steel) that protects your automatic garage door from corrosion.SMF also provides you with maintenance contracts, allowing a longer life, and an extension of your warranty."

7.Is it possible to open my garage door with a key?

You can actually unlock your garage door if it is equipped with an external unlocking system.

This type of unlocking works by means of a lock and a key, and allows to open your garage door in case of forgotten remote control or power failure.

8.Does my garage door withstand graffiti?

Graffiti resistance is not part of the technical specifications of garagedoors4u garage doors, as there is no truly effective solution to this problem.

There are indeed garage door coverings called anti-graffiti, but they do not have real effectiveness.

9.My garage door has the Clik Easy system. Am I the only one who can open it by lighthouse call?

Yes of course. The garage door opener or portal light system is reserved for your vehicle (s) only.It is not the call of lights stricto sensu that activates your garagedoors4u closing product. In reality, it is a transmitter placed under the hood of your vehicle, connected to the power cable of your high beam.Thus, when you make a call for lights, you operate the transmitter.

10.What is the warranty period for garagedoors4u garage doors?

Depending on our product types, the warranty is different. You can consult it in our general conditions of sale.

Alternatively, you can contact garagedoors4u via the contact form.

11.Can I put a special entrance for my cat or dog?

You can equip your garage door with a pet door, to allow access to cats and small dogs.It is possible to limit access to your pet through a special collar. Thus, only your unique pet can use the pet door. For more information, make a specific request to garagedoors4u.

12.Is it possible to install any garage door at home, or are there any rules to follow?

In some particular environments, or some localities, you must refer to the town hall to check for the presence or absence of extraordinary constraints regarding the installation of a gate or an automatic garage door.

This may concern for example the color of your motorized garage door. It is always better to go to the town hall before the installation of a gate or a new garage door, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

13.What is the power consumption of my garage door?

It depends on the motorization and the dimensions of your garage door. Nevertheless, be aware that a motorized garage door consumes relatively little electricity.

A titre d’information, la motorisation de porte de garage Botticelli qui équipe un grand nombre de portes de garage garagedoors4u a une puissance maximale de 236 watt, ampoule de gyrophare comprise.

14.I saw a garage door on vacation, which I took a picture. I would like the same, is it possible?

It all depends on the type of garage door and its composition. garagedoors4u manufactures only sectional garage doors, tilting and sliding side (which covers the vast majority of types of garage doors ...)

On the other hand, in terms of materials, SMF specialized in aluminum and steel, and will not be able to realize a wooden garage door.

However, if you are looking for a garage door with a particular design, or particular dimensions, with an original color or other, garagedoors4u is your service provider of choice!

Specializing in custom-made closing products (including garage doors and gates), SMF will be able to manufacture a very similar replica of your photograph.

With its generous selection of garage door panels, lacquers and accessories, garagedoors4u offers very advanced personalization solutions.

15.I made my own models and garage door designs, are you able to realize it?

garagedoors4u specializes in customized automatic garage doors, among others. If you are looking for a garage door made of aluminum or steel, motorized, then garagedoors4u can do it for you.

SMF's three main families of garage doors are sectional, tilting and sliding garage doors (sideways).

SMF offers many customization options (panels, lacquering colors, accessories, portholes ...), which is why there is a good chance that SMF can realize your garage door from your drawings ...


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