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A rare pink diamond, awarded a record $ 15.7 million

A ring with a rare nine-carat pink diamond was awarded today in New York at a record $ 15.7 million during an auction of seventeen jewels from US heiress Huguette Clark for which a total of 20.8 million was paid of dollars.

"In the world of jewelry, this collection is a fairy tale, as they are designs of French houses of the early twentieth century, with iconic Art-Deco designs, carved and preserved exceptionally, and emblematic of the Golden Age of history American, "said Rahul Kadakia, spokesperson for Christie's, organizer of the auction.

The jewelry collection of the American heiress Huguette Clark (1906-2011) consisted of seventeen pieces designed by firms such as Cartier, Tiffany and Dreicer, which reached a total price of 20.8 million dollars.
pink diamond
Among them stood out a nine-carat pink diamond, for which the record price of 15.7 million dollars was paid, mounted on a Belle Époque ring by the French jewelery Dreicer & Co. around 1910.

Very few mines in the world produce pink diamonds, as they are the result of a rare natural process whereby there is a decrease in the lattice of the crystal in the stone while it is still forming in the earth's crust.

Christie's already sold a five-carat pink diamond in 2009, which at that time reached a record $ 10.8 million.

The collection also featured a 19-carat pink diamond ring, a work by Cartier, dated 1920 and priced at $ 3.1 million. 

Some of the Art-deco works that appear in the collection are a 1925 diamond bracelet, signed by Cartier, which was sold for $ 578,500, or another one of the same year and authored, in diamonds and emeralds, for which 110,500 were paid Dollars. 

Another of the most sought-after pieces, priced at $ 266,000, was a gold, ruby, emerald and sapphire bracelet from 1915, designed by Tiffany & Co. and a necklace of natural pearls and diamonds, which reached $ 362,500. 

pink diamond

Among the most personal items is a picture frame, sold for $ 74,500, in onyx, turquoise and diamonds, by Cartier, which contains a handmade drawing of a teenage girl who could be Andrée Clark, Huguette's older sister, who died of meningitis in 1919. 

One of the curiosities of the auction was a brooch of diamonds, rubies and sapphires from Cartier representing the American flag, for which $ 80,500 was paid. 

Huguette Clark was the daughter of an American tycoon whose fortune, obtained in businesses as diverse as railroads, banking or mining, rivaled that of the Rockefellers. 

The heiress, resident all her life in New York, died in 2011, at 104, without direct descendants and with an estimated at several hundred million dollars .


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